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"We can Train any Dog, any Age, with any Issue!" We are the Largest, Most Trusted, Dog Training Company in the World, with more than 500,000 Dogs Trained Worldwide. We are the only Dog Training Company that offers Guaranteed Lifetime Support, because it really does work. Our guaranteed Lifetime support gives Owners peace of mind knowing They have a Training Partner for the Life of their Dog. Call us Today!

Happy Dog Behavior Training

The mission at Happy Dog is to create a positive experience for both dog and owner - to make training fun, interesting and effective. Understanding how dogs think and learn will help you clearly communicate with your dog in a calm, relaxed manner. With just a little patience, you'll be amazed at how quickly you'll start to see results. Every time you interact with your dog is a training opportunity. I'll show you how to incorporate training into your everyday activities with your dog - because ongoing practice is important for a lifetime of good behavior. And clear communication is the key to having a great relationship with your dog. Happy Dog offers private, in-home behavior training for puppies and dogs of all ages and sizes. Group classes are available and include Puppy Kindergarten through Intermediate Obedience. Puppies can start training/kindergarten as early as 9 weeks old.

Clicker Training

We're here to help you raise a great dog! Clicker Training is an unique and highly effective training method based on positive reinforcement. The clicker is used to tell dogs exactly the behavior you like as it is occurring and used to let them know a reward is coming. Behaviors that are reinforced are most likely to be repeated in the future. Visit our on line store for an extensive library collection about Clicker Training, how to find a trainer and much more.